you know you wish you were here

And I wish you were, too, gentle readers. Because tomorrow's plans include:
3 sisters, mimosas, pancakes with fresh peaches, Miss Pettigrew lives for a Day and/or the first season of Gossip Girl, and practice sessions to get this gold eyeshadow thing sorted. Don't worry: we'll post pictures. 
See, it's the perfect girl party! (I'm sure there will be a pillow fight while wearing underwear at some point.) Don't you want to come? 


Johanna said…
that sounds like a perfectly delightful sort of Saturday! :-) especially all the PEACHES and Mrs. Pettigrew and oh heck. All of it. :-) Could I borrow some of the Slabaugh sisterhood?
llane said…
of course i want to come! don't skimp on the picture-taking! ;)
Lily Pad PR said…
Hope you had brilliant fun! Sounds like a dream :)
Christy said…
oooh...jealous - sounds like a great day :)

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