wednesday wonderfulness, volume 6

It's that time again! However, not only does Wednesday mean that it's time to share the links I've run across this week, it also means I'm taking dinner to the grans tonight. How does shrimp salad on croissants and cantaloupe sound? With oatmeal cranberry white chocolate chip cookies for dessert? 
So I'm seriously considering getting a nose stud. Opinions, anyone? 


joy said…
1. Must you make me look completely inept by serving such delicious foods to the Grands?

2. Yes on the nose stud. Definitely. You can rock it now, so why not?
msfleurette said…
your links are the epitome of wednesday wonderfulness.

you would look fab with a nose stud. i wanted one for years and when i finally got one, i couldn't figure out why it was such a big deal and i hadn't gotten it sooner. some people occasionally make comments about it, or think i am more "hard-core" a person than i actually am, but i don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. honestly, most of the time i forget it is there. and then i see pictures of myself and i'm like, "oh, yeah, i like that!" ;)
ambika said…
That green room is unexpectedly amazing.
Rebekah said…
I am going to have to say no on the stud. but then, you have to take into account where I am coming from. conservativeville. :-)
Johanna said…
heck YES on the nose stud. I lurve mine and you would look oh so very awesome in all your vintage glory with a lil' bling on the nosey. It hurts for like .2 seconds and then it's over and you have a pretty thing in your nose....that at first feels like a booger, but eventually you get used to. And you can change it up so very many ways too. I desperately need some new ones to play with. :-)

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