the joys of being irresponsible

Yesterday morning when I got to work I learned that I only had to work a half day. I was quite delighted since it meant I could spend the afternoon catching up on things that didn't happen over the weekend, things like grocery shopping and finishing photo projects (only one left to edit! hooray!). But then I realized that my favorite thrift store was having 50 cent monday, and I hadn't been to that in months (since I started working) and I was faced with an important choice: working diligently in front of a computer, or rummaging through heaps of dusty, musty clothes and housewares. Well, duh! Of course I picked the thriftstoring, and my labors were not in vain. I walked away with this really random space shuttle necklace, a white transferware bowl, a dress pattern from the fifties (in my size!), a red formal that I'm going t recut for Elissa, and, the piece de resistance: a huge pile (more than 100, I'm sure) of vintage glass christmas balls in the champagne and silver that we used last year. For $4. I was so happy on that last one that I had to call the husband and gurgle estatically. I'll post pictures later, I think.


Kat said…
Oh, don'tcha love that?

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