the benefit of attending inservice training: you have lots of time to knit

work completed! I was concerned about taking my knitting to the training--would people think I was being disrespectful or not listening? I know that I can knit and listen, but not everyone is cognizant of that. So anyway, I had one row done on the hat when I stuffed it in my bag in the morning, but the whole thing done by the time I got home last night. I was most thrilled by peoples' responses; almost everyone else wished they had brought something to work on, too. So anyway, this is my mum's christmas present. The mitts came from this pattern and the hat pattern is here. (Please excuse the circles under eyes, etc. It was the end of the day but I wanted to get the picture up before we head off to Niagra Falls to celebrate le anniversary. One year! hooray!)


alissa said…
it's good that people are catching onto the fact that knitting *helps* you pay attention!

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