I'm sorry that I seem slightly obsessed with Thanksgiving right now

I'm just veryvery excited about it. But since the rest of the world probably isn't quite as enamoured with the details of my preparations, I'll provide some other reading material.

  • the little people project now has prints available! I love both of these shots; wouldn't they look lovey framed together?
  • chocolate soap. Since it contains both olive oil and cocoa butter, it might actually be good for your skin.
  • conversation-starting centerpieces
  • I was going to suggest that if I lived in Chicago you can bet your bippy that this link would be one of my favorites. However, it appears that most people don't like to share where they get their treasures. Not that I blame them! You have to be willing to dig through the bad if you want to find the good.
  • new favorite link, I think. Talk about style inspiration! (For the home, not the closet.)
  • Well, it looks like it would be an interesting article, if I could get it to load.


joy said…
I bet my bibby anyway. And if I win, I get your bippy.
vdoprincess said…
It's bippy, darling, not bibby. I don't have any bibbies and am not planning on getting any, so I can't bet them, now can I???
Kat said…
So are you gonna post pictures of what Olive Oil Has Done For Your Skin? :D
joy said…
Bibby was a typo. Please note I got it right the second time?

And just for the record, olive oil miserably ruined my skin. I now have SO MANY blackheads that I did NOT have prior. I'm bitter. And using some very expensive face cleaners in an effort to fix it.
vdoprincess said…
I won't post any skin pics (ok, that sounded really wrong) for a least a couple of days--too much caffiene and not enough sleep have really taken their toll, and the effects are not pretty. But hopefully I'll get things back to normal soon.

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