I wish I had naturally curly hair. I like my hair much better when it's curly, but I'm scared to get a perm.
I went thrifting today and found, among other loveliness, a grandpa sweater and some very cool dishes.
I think I have my Thanksgiving menu figured out, but I just need to do some final tweaks before I pass out the assignments. Le husband wants to have rolls in addition to angel biscuts, because he's never heard of angel biscuts and apparently it's traditional to have big, fluffy rolls. I told him that's fine, but he gets to make them. Because angel biscuts are much, much better than any old roll. (I didn't tell him that last bit; I decided that he can find out for himself.)
I'm trying to get my mother to come out and visit over Thanksgiving. We can seat her next to Grandpa and they can talk about vitamins to their hearts' content. Especially since they're both hard of hearing, it should be interesting.
I need some caffiene.


charity said…
Aw! That's so fun. One of my all-time favorite shirts is a hand-me-down from my grandpa...I wear it shamelessly. :-)

I've finally re-discovered your blogs...hoorah!
charity said…
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vdoprincess said…
Thanks, ducks! I can never borrow clothes from my grandpa; he's significantly shorter than I. Probably weighs less, too. Sadly.
And you, my dear, are an inspiration when it comes to dressing uniquely. You look cute even when wearing institute approved clothes!

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