my new favorite dress, I think

how to make yourself suddenly very concious of your legs; a short essay Because it cost fifty cents! It's gray wool flannel, it's from the fifties, and it fits. I'm very happy. And the tights? Well, I didn't want the dress to look dowdy (it's a tiny bit big in the bust, so that's a valid concern) so I wanted to pair it with spicy tights. These were spicy alright! Did I mention I've previously only worn these with a long skirt, nearly ankle length, but I STILL get comments? Well, I had random drivers honking at me, someone shouting that I looked "good enough to stop traffic," street passersby commenting, and coffee shop patrons striking up conversations. Loudly. Far from letting all this go to my head, it rather served to remind me that I really should try that whole "exercise" concept before I wear these tights again.
vintage dress: thrifted
tights: ebay
vintage belt: thrifted
shoes: dsw


Kat said…
I really really like it - looks very totally you. Loves.

Mwahaha on the Wardrobe Refashion thing. My booty is on teh Net. :( Thanks for encouragement!
Pei Shio said…
I was oohing and aaahing at you last night, but lacked the courage to say so, until I see that Kat has commented. :)

I went thrifting yesterday, and found myself thinking "I think Laura Dye would be proud of me." lol.

Subsequently, I am wearing what I thrifted yesterday as well. And I am uber proud of myself!!

I think you're inspiring.
vdoprincess said…
Aww, you all are sweet.
Pei! We want to see lovely pictures!
Great dress. Great shot!

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