not all Christmas, all the time. Just about 90% of it

  • Very inspiring for holiday entertaining! Make sure you scroll down and look at the pictures from 2005. Some very scary tablesettings, but some lovely ones, too.
  • Loves it! A bag with brass knuckles all over it. That's awesome.
  • I saw this post and thought the gift tags would be brilliant on the white-wrapped packages that go under our tree, but then I started poking around Ikea's site, and now I want to tie one of these on every single box. Wouldn't that be too funny for words?
  • Want. This. Shirt.
  • Why can't I make some of these for thanksgiving? So much better than nasty old candied yams.
  • I am completely coveting this garland. I really think we need one on our mantelpiece.


Kat said…
Seems like Threadless had that Alexander tee a while ago?

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