some of yesterday's thrifted treasures

vintage men's sweaters
The green sweater I'm wearing today; I think it's actually a boys. The black one looks like it jumped straight out of the pages of a Tom Swift novel; it's a zip up cardigan with patch pockets. I have every intention of trying to convince le husband to wear it.
I love the colors of these cups. The stripey ones were a quarter each; the orange one was a dollar. That's a little high, but it was just so perfect I couldn't resist. Note: these cups fit into the "legitimate need" end of things. We have manymany mugs, but they all hold at least 16 ounces, creating great consternation when it's time to serve coffee to company. Either you fill the mugs all the way, and thereby require three pots of coffee to serve four people, or you put a normal amount of coffee in the cup, and look all stingy. Neither option is attractive, hence my delight at the purchase of these cups. Completely aside from the lovely stripedness of them, of course.
pale green plates
These are marked "melmac" on the back, and are that lovely material that is, I'm told, practically unbreakable. They're also pale green plates. And saying (or typing) that phrase makes me think of that Dr. Suess story about the pale green pants with nobody inside 'em. So these plates make me smile, which is justification, right? Because there's no other way to justify the purchase of more plates; we have plenty of plates.
Also purchased, but not pictured (some of them were in the wash at the time of picture-taking), are two pairs of shoes for le sister-in-law, a western style shirt, another white transferware bowl, a shirt that shall be transformed into part of le brother's christmas present, and various other lovelies.


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