reusing materials to make my own gift tags

Now you have to understand--I'm not normally a gift taggy person. I'm always trying to get out of adding tags by making cryptic markings on the box. Unfortunately, I'm usually the only one who can understand/find them, so I spend Christmas morning figuring out which present goes where. Not this year!
I receive the Design Within Reach catalog (mostly without of reach, but I can dream), and they sent out a Christmas mailing that consisted of a whole sheet of lightweight cardstock, the back of which was covered in different patterns. The front contained, besides promotional materials, 10 gift tags. The whole thing was perforated into (approx) 3x3 squares. So I had an idea...
the original materials

I took apart ALL the tags and sorted them into piles of tags and non-tags. There's another little pile in there of ones that aren't printed as tags, but look good on both sides, nonetheless.
took apart tags

At last! A use for the millions of Christmas catalogs! I swear I get a new JCrew catalog every two weeks. Of course, I really don't mind, because they do have some lovely photos. So I went through and pulled out all the pages that had potential images I could use. I then trimmed them smaller and used rubber cement to attach one square (wrong side down) on each page.
sorting out pictures

The finished tags. I think I actually like mine better than theirs. More Christmassy. I'll just write the "to" and "from" on the back (over the DWR patterns) in pen.
the finished tags!

A tag in use. I think the image on this tag is actually a sequinned deer. Upside down.
a finished tag in use


Kelly said…
What a brilliant idea! I can't wait to try this one!

Thanks for your wonderful blog
Joy said…
ooh...I like! What an awesome idea! I just bought 24 tags...but now I'm going to make some of my own!! love your creativity--it's inspiring.
kayte said…
oh that's a good idea! i get so many copies of the anthro catalog! i like to have them but sheesh, i don't need a couple a week.

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