on my list to tackle in 2007

  • Sew my vogue patterns: sheath and jacket outfit; vintage coat; vintage sundress; roland mouret knockoff.
  • Remake my current bag in grey felt. Or make a more awesome tote that can handle all the abuse I give it daily.
  • experiment with knitting cut-up plastic shopping bags
  • make circle paintings
  • recover living-room throw pillows
  • knit the belle epoque sweater from knitty
  • try knitting lace
  • experiment with screen printing
  • learn about bookbinding; wouldn't it be fun to make tiny books with recycled paper pages and covers from cereal boxes?
  • knit a pair of socks
  • edit my wardrobe and get rid of the things I don't really like
  • learn to wear only clothes I love
  • organize my bookshelves
  • experiment with "pop art" paintings
  • write my cousin (who lives only an hour away)

I'll add to this list as it grows. And cross things off when they're done.


Susi said…
Your list has inspired me to make my own list. When my sons were young, I was the listmeister. As they grew older, I began to relax and now it is to the point that I really need motivation and structure. I am new to blogging, but I have have been visiting your page and I enjoy it quite a bit. Thanks.
lsaspacey said…
I was just wondering, when was the last time you looked at your list?

I have one and I find it every 4 months or so and go "Wow, was I really going to try to do THAT?!"

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