almost back, but not quite

I survived Christmas.
As Christmases go, it wasn't really bad. It was actually quite good. I'm just rather exhausted from all the goodness and my apartment has yet to recover.
Le husband and I shot a wedding (my first with digital!) on Saturday evening. I'm happy with what I've seen of the pictures; his are quite good. He shoots the way I wish I did--very photojournalistic-y, where I depend more on posing even though I don't really want to. Oh, well, I'll post some when they're edited.
Christmas Eve was, of course, a full day. We had the family and some friends over after the evening service, and I was racing around worrying that I wouldn't have enough food. Which was dumb, because I had to bring two huge plates of cookies to work today. (And we left the cheesecake with the inlaws.)
I've been told that I'm impossibly hard to shop for! This has caused quite a crisis with myself. Am I TOO picky? But I find the accusation slightly hilarious, seeing as you can pretty much give me anything old and I LOVE it.
I'm wearing my Christmas boots (which are veryvery hot) and therefore life is good.


marisa said…
let's see the boots!

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