more on the recycled side of things

  • Christmas wreath made from shopping/trash bags. I've been kicking something like this around in my head for a bit, but more as a garland than a wreath. I'm not really loving the picture they used to illustrate the post, and the decoration of the wreath is just scary, but imagine the same concept done with white shopping bags and illuminated with white fairy lights? Very cool weatherproof door decoration.
  • How to reuse gift paper for your walls. Of course, I'm still enamoured of the "reading rooms" in anthrolpologie's last catalog.
  • Could be recylcing: a yo-yo garland. I love her idea of doing it in red and white!
  • Not recyling at all, but very cool nonetheless: a plaid room! Also check out the comic room. I want to try out that hotel, even if the shower is in the hall. That's why bathrobes were invented.


ambika said…
Ooo, that CraftBits site is great. I can't believe I've never stumbled across it before. There are some great ideas and I can totally picture the wreath with plastic bags and more subtle decorations.

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