I'm having separation anxiety

latest project I don't want to part with my latest completed project. It's so perfect. For me, anyway. It's not too tight (giving me that squished-head effect), not too long (making me look like a bowling ball), and just generally all around lovely. I made a scarf to match, but you can't see it in this shot. The flowers are from the earwarmer pattern in SnB Nation, and I sewed them onto safety pins so they can be taken off for washing. Or to wear on a coat, or whatever. Anyway, let's hope le recipient enjoys this as much as I do. If not, she can always regift it.


Kat said…
Oh, no... if it fits you, you must keep it, I swear! I dunno, go buy her a candle or something. Seriously!!
Kat said…
Oh, I saw that booty tutorial as well - I loved the ones she did in pink felt. How freakin' adorable, no? I spent a few minutes yesterday thinking about all the expectant mommies I knew about.

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