random thoughts

Newsflash: Carmex is heaven in a little cute round pot. For 96 cents. You should try it.
Don't even think about trying to knit lace while watching "24." It just doesn't work. You unknit more than you knit.
Season 5 of 24 is veryvery good. In the space of about 1 minute of the finale I was squealing "I hate this show" and throwing things at the screen, but at the next plot twist I was once again happy and knitting away (at non-lace).
When it comes to my usual obsession of watching all the movies by a particular actor, my husband much prefers Keifer Sutherland to Clive Owen.
I think that Children of Men, Clive Owen's latest, is going to open near here in a few weeks. I'm very happy that LibraryFriend and I will finally get to go see it. (She's a fellow Clive Owen fan, even without having seen the BMW movies.)
Enough randomness.


'Liz said…
Oh so totally with you on Clive.

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