war against the machine

I was not planning on sending Christmas cards this year. I'm not sure I understand the reasoning behind them, and I didn't need another thing on my list, especially a thing that, to me, seems pointless. Ok, if I had kids and people wanted to see how they'd grown every year, I could understand it. But I don't have kids. And people don't want to see how I've grown. And you already KNOW that I love you, and if you don't, a Christmas card isn't really going to change that. So. No Christmas cards for me.
That was my firm stance...until the cards started flowing in. At church, in the mail, handed to me. All these cute cards, many of them with a charming picture of the couple or family, some handmade. And the guilt began. I asked le husband if we should make cards, and he conceded that it would be nice.
Now you have to understand that I have a very annoying habit of not doing things halfway. If I can't drive a Porsche 911, I'll be perfectly happy with my Buick. If I can't give the perfect gift, I'll give a giftcard before I hand someone a basket from Bath & Body (the ultimate "I had no freaking clue what to give you" gift.) None of this "trying to be cool and not quite making it" business. So if I gave Christmas cards, I was going to LOVE them. No WalMart specials for me! (Unless WalMart miraculously had cute cards.)
Understand: I have a 1 1/2 formals to finish by Friday, and two skirts to make by Christmas. (The knitting is done! Hooray!) So I was looking for simple card ideas. Maybe a cool picture on a card with a simple message inside? Hmmm....maybe a Christmassy sort of scene or something, in black and white. (Black and white = instant art.) There was no way I was going to try a "cute couple" shot because a) my roots need help right now b) that would be a real pain.
Suddenly, inspiration struck. We could use this image and find a stamp that says "let heaven and nature sing." Simple, hilarious, perfect, right?
Until I started editing the photo and figuring out the logistics. "Le husband, if I upload the picture tonight, you can pick it up tomorrow when you get off work. I'll run to the craft store and get the other supplies, and we can assemble them tomorrow night. And then we can address them this week, and then....why are we doing this again?"
So it's very longwinded, but I've come back around to my original opinion.
Depsite the guilt, despite the Christmas cards pouring in from every side, we're not sending any this year.

But next year? I've got a GREAT idea...


Heather said…
I sympathize with your reasoning behind not sending out a card. I do send them and love receiving them...I look on cards as a reminder to the people who know I love them. Always nice to get a reminder.

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