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So sorry I haven't had any outfit photos lately; the days when I've had a good outfit, I haven't time to take a picture. The rest of the time it's just been boringness. On the bright side, Christmas preparations are drawing to a close. Finished one formal last night; it looks lovely. Cut out the other, so I can spend all this evening sewing madly. But enough about me; enjoy some of the lovelies I've encountered today.
  • Are these booties not the cutest things ever? And how easy would they be to make? After Christmas I'll have to try putting some together--talk about awesome shower gift! (Wouldn't a parent love to have four or five pairs of these in a rainbow of colors?) It would also be fun to make your own felt out of thrifted sweaters and then sew it into booties.
  • Does this qualify as subversive knitting? If not, it's most certainly scary.
  • These are really pretty, but too pricey for me to reconsider my current Christmas cardless status. (What can I say? I'm cheap.)
  • Hmmmm. Maybe I need to give embroidery another try?
  • I've linked to her before, but I think I'm going to be doing some copying. Specifically of the lights in a jar (I'd forgotten about that!) and the origami balloons. Love it!
  • Someone linked to this site today, and I'm absolutely enthralled with the picture on ehr front page. I love the way she used the same image (a pink rabbit!) three times in different sizes. I also love the color of the light.


marisa said…
Those Martha Stewart cards are great. I really wish I would have just bought cards instead of killing myself making them this year.

However -- I obviously have not learned my lesson though, since the first thing I thought when I saw the Martha ones: "I could MAKE those for next year!"
Kat said…
Wow, you know... that Customer Gallery link has a picture of a tie with a guitar embroidered on it - I think I know who did it. It says Lisa, Austin, TX? I think she has a booth at the local artisan's market. Small crafting world. She's obsessed with crafts and music.

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