today I love

  • white Christmas trees. I've been seeing them around and doubting my ability to give up on greenery, but these pictures may have convinced me. Unfortunately, white trees don't come with that fresh greenery smell...
  • this hat. It's wicked cool.
  • gift wrapping! Apartment Therapy led it off, but then style court mentioned her wrapping (which is lovely) and linked to some cool ideas. Those ideas, while expensive, might be worth copying if you're not a good present wrapper. On my own part, I read some time ago about simplifying gift wrapping by only keeping three colors of paper on hand: they suggested silver, red, and brown. You then vary the ribbons and trim to suit the occasion. So far I've only managed to purchase the white paper part, but it works well and I love looking at all my white packages, so tidy and prettily tied up with red or silver ribbon.
  • Absolutely Beautiful Things. Her blog title pretty much sums it up.


Kelly said…
Wow. LOVE the houndstooth tissue paper. And alligator-skin wrap!

I've been wanting for several years to go with brown paper wrap. "Brown paper packages tied up with string . . ." Another great wrapping idea is one I actually found in Martha Stewart Living magazine: use doilies as snowflakes to decorate a package.

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