menu for Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve church service starts at 5:00, so everyone will be hungry afterward. However, I have no intention of cooking and serving a big meal. I decided to go with lots of tasty nibbles that are mostly fingerable to minimize cleanup. I also wanted things to be easy and mostly prepared ahead of time so I don't have to stress. We'll spend the evening watching Christmas movies, playing games, and doing whatever else strikes our fancy.
- Warm bacon and cheese dip (this was a big hit at Thanksgiving, and it's so easy)
- Crackers
- Meatballs (these can go in the electric skillet that I forgot I owned)
- Pizza Rolls (not too classy, but yummy and easy, and I know the kids will like them)
- Veggie tray (token nod to health)
- chips and salsa
- cheesecake
- baklava
- pecan crescents?
- fudge
- Heaggy's chocolate
- any other sweet things I feel like making
- eggnog
- coffee
- hot chocolate with chocolate whipped cream and mini marshmallows


Denise said…
Oooh dude.. what time should I be over! heheh

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