three blogs that I've recently discovered

the fray. She linked here, which is how I found her, and I'm madly in love. She blogs the way I wish I did, if that makes any sense. And based on her projects/interests/photos I have to wonder if she's somehow related to me? Kidding...but one can wish. (She likes toile AND stripes!)
freshly blended, besides having a super-cool header, is chockfull of lovely pictures and ideas. Very inspiring.
Love forever is a cool name. Plus she has prettypretty pictures.


ambika said…
Doesn't everyone like stripes and toile? Kidding. But thank you. I am so beyond flattered. And seriously? Back at you. Love the site, love your taste, beyond pleased when I stumbled over here from who knows where.
nicole said…
thank you so much for the shout out! i aim to please...kidding, i'm super stoked that the things that inspire me also inspire you!

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