all I want for Christmas is a pair of vintage Manolos

Don't worry, I'm not that greedy (although I wouldn't turn them down). And don't worry, fair readers, this list is not for you. It's for the benefit of le husband and any of his siblings that are still puzzling over what to give. (Because while I would never type out a list and hand it to them, I'll instead post it on the internet FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. Ah, the sweet bliss of being inconsistent.) Ahem. Ok, so here 'tis.

And that's enough greed to last me for a while.


Maryam in Marrakesh said…
Hey, I want a cool fitted hoodie, too! Have you found any good ones?
vdoprincess said…
Maryam-- the hoodie I linked to, from Threadless, is fairly fitted, I'm thinking, since it's printed on an American Apparel. Beyond that, I'm still not sure where to find good ones, although I've had good results with ones at the Gap. I usually hate the price, so I wait for them to go on sale. The other thing I hate is the boring pastel-ness of them. But that can be remedied with a little bleach/paint/shredding/whatever, right?

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