fifty ways to say "i love you" to life

Inspired by GalaDarling, I submit my list. 
Wear something sparkly • Splash in puddles • Surround yourself with yummy-smelling-ness • Invent a word • Dance when you're all alone • Drink tea that blooms • Walk through the grocery like a robot and smile on the inside • Laugh wholeheartedly • Make a mixtape of songs that make you happy • Write down one thing, every day, that you're thankful for • Wear a tiara • Say "I love you" as often as you can • Wear something yellow • Discover a new sport • Defy expectations • Memorize one recipe that you can make without thinking • Talk in a different accent • Learn to say "I love you" in another language • Go to a pet store and cuddle a rodent • Wear a pair of scandalous undies • Tell a random stranger when you love her outfit • Wear false eyelashes • Organize your "junk drawer" • Sleep on fabulous sheets • Make yourself breakfast and eat it in bed • Acquire a roll of colored duct tape, just in case • Learn to change a tire • Pin your favorite pictures on the wall • Wear red lipstick • Learn a new instrument • Write a song • Play a kazoo • Walk around carrying a bunch of balloons and share them with strangers • Make up calling cards to share with friends • Reinvent the wheel • Ask an elderly person to tell you about their favorite birthday • Make earprints of all your friends and frame them • Try skipping instead of walking • Wear rainboots when it's not raining • Draw a mustache on your bathroom mirror • Paint your toenails your favorite color • Call someone you haven't talked to in a month • Write a letter on paper • Learn to raise one eyebrow • Develop an old roll of film • Jump on a trampoline in a fully petticoat • Watch the sunset in complete silence • Play a kazoo • Stretch like a cat • Dream impossible things. 


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