I wanna be a cowboy baby

So yesterday I found a pair of awesomely weathered cowboy boots at the thrift store, and I fell madly in love with them. When I got home to the freezing cold house, I immediately had to change so that I could wear them. They're a little big, so I may not end up keeping them, but they are strangely comfy. 
Also: I either need to run more or give up on the skinnies. I realize this. However, I shall probably not do either. :D
Shirt/boots/scarf: thrifted
jeans: stolen from sister
cat: everpresent (he's curled up on my lap as I type this)


ambika said…
You look fab in your jeans. & what a cute, classic outfit (and cat)!
Christy said…
hi :) CUTE boots :) What size are they? if you decide to get rid of them keep me in mind ;) I wear a size 11!
Rosanna said…
wow. I passed up several pairs of weathered cowboy boots while thrifting with my mom the other day... I had a hunch to look twice, but ignored it. damn. perhaps I shall go back!
Rosanna said…
oh btw, lewis is adorable!!

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