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Inspiration is a wonderful thing, right? Well, I just counted, and I follow approx. 206 RSS feeds. Some are prolific, some not so much, and some sites I check on my blackberry so regularly I don't have to bookmark the feed. (Fug girls, anyone?) So in the interest of full disclosure, I'll share, for reals, the stuff I actually click on first. But only if you promise to 'fess up, too, in the comments. Deal? Warning: the first-click stuff isn't usually inspirational. It's probably going to be embarrassing to admit. 
  • photoshop disasters. I know it's sad, but if there is something in the feed, I MUST READ IT. It's like an obsession. (Fact: jcrew is on there a LOT. Their photo editors need to get their act together.) 
  • Gallery of the Absurd. This and Fug are the only celeb blogs that I read. (I was sucked into the black vortex for a while, but I got over it.) She's funny and witty and genuinely creative, so I kind of love her. 
Ok, so that's it for embarrassing. My next clicks are usually:
So there you have it. My for-reals top five clicks of the day. Now, please fess up to yours! 


Marisa said…
you are one of my first-clicks of the day. :) i always need to know what my fab friend on the east coast is up to!

and also simplesong, blackeiffel, and small notebook. also love wisebread for finance-related stuff. (yes, i am a nerd).
The Fred said…
Well my dear, since I am not an intellectual like yourself, I usually read comics first. Sorry! That is what I do. My absolute favorite is Dinosaur Comics. When it comes to blogs, my very favorite is Stephen Fry's blag, as he is a gadget freak and also an excellent writer.

Also my RSS feeds are listed on this page, which automagically updates.
ambika said…
It's almost all fashion & craft (and some art blogs) in my reader. For the big guns, like dooce & kottke, I just bookmark them and read them at my leisure. After those two, it's probably fug yourself, sorry i missed your party, and post secret.

I thought gallery of the absurd had gone away! I'm glad to see the site's in action.

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