re: the project runway finale

Am very glad LeeAnne won, despite her distressingly bad hair. (Seriously, darling, if it always looks that stringy, chop it off or pin it up.) She was the only person I saw bringing something new to the table and offering something we hadn't seen before, although all the collections were brilliantly executed. 

Also:: I heart Tim Gunn. 


Christy said…
I was voting for Kenley all year long...I LOVED what she brought to the show - but I was SERIOUSLY disappointed in her final collection :( Even though I really do love her work. I really loved Leanne's collection for Bryant Park. Even though I don't think I would wear any of her pieces ;)

I agree with her hair - it drove me CRAZY all season!! But Kenley's on the other hand....she had some great hair!!
Heather said…
I was for Korto at the end though I thought Leeanne's collection was nice. Can't see myself wearing any of it. Leeanne seriously needs a make over. I know fashion designers can tend to be quirky but.. ugh. New hair and a bit of make up please!!!

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