living in fast-forward again

So tonight we're having the youth group over and there will be much shooting of potato guns and eating of s'mores, so I've spent the day cleaning (sort of--the teens don't care, but I do) and burning photo CDs for the shoots I need to deliver and sorting out the clothing for the shoot we're doing early tomorrow morning. My sister and a friend from church are modeling (is it bad that I picked her because of her hair color?), I'm shooting, and my other sister was supposed to be doing hair/makeup/styling, but her mother-in-law went into the hospital yesterday, so they had to drive up and be with her. I'm hoping things will be fine, but I'm SORELY going to miss her skillz--she's pretty amazing. 
So anyway, the above is what my office currently looks like. Yes, it's a mess, and yes, I hate it, but there are always about seventeen other things that are more important than cleaning it. Like editing photos. And going to the Salvation Army to find more fabulousity to use in photo shoots. And repainting my toenails. And developing the best oatmeal raisin cookies in the world. 
So anyway, the theme of tomorrow's shoot is plaids, gloves, hats, and spats. Lovely, no? We're shooting in a little downtown I've never used before, so I'm excited. 
Interesting details to note: technically, this photo qualifies as feline friday, because Lewis is in the shot. It will have to do, because I don't have time to take another. Also, he is angry at me for giving him a bath, so he's not into posing. Other details: the long blue dress hanging on the right is the bridesmaid's dress. The pink one behind it is the one for the art show. The heap on the bed/couch (ced? bouch?) is the clothing and accessories collection that I need to sort for tomorrow's shoot. No, this is not my whole wardrobe, not by a long shot. Much of it doesn't fit me, which is why it qualifies as "props." The books piled on the bench are my current library books. 

In other news: read the Wednesday Sisters. It is lovely, and might make you cry. Also, these pumpkin bars are delicious. Also, I am pathologically unable to resist buying a vintage hat if it costs less than $3. Hence I have some strange and not necessarily attractive hats. Also, I have only had one shot of espresso today. I have no idea if my manic energy is coming through in this post, but it's definitely present, and I'm bracing myself for the crash. 


Christy said…
I like your office :) I love all the shelves and "space" that you have! lovely! your office has given me inspiration to do SOMETHING with's driving me crazy!
Marisa said…
definitely, bouch.

this post made me laugh.
jade said…
Hi there...
I just stumbled upon your blog, I love it! I'm adding you to my ever growing list of blogs I follow. : )
joy said…
I second the recommendation for Wednesday Sisters. I read it yesterday afternoon and LOVED it. I laughed out loud and almost cried. Read it, you'll love it.

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