top five film soundtracks, your picks

So filmspotting did an episode and talked about their top five soundtracks of all time. Here are mine (it's hard, ok?), and nominate yours in the comments. I love soundtracks for their ability to expose me to artists I might not otherwise hear. 
  • The Full Monty - it is hilarious, and that's just all there is to it.
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous - I love this movie! And the songs are fantastic. Worth the purchase just for "Lost Picasso."
  • Sleepless in Seattle. All around a good "date" mix.
  • The Last Kiss. Probably my single favorite album of last year. Each song mixed with the others is so much greater than the songs on their own.
  • High Fidelity. John Cusak films generally have good music, this one also features Jack Black singing "Let's Get it On." BRILLIANT. 
What are your faves?


Let me see, in no particular order:

1) School of Rock
2) Love Actually
3) Pulp Fiction (can I get a hell yeah??!)
4) My Bestfriend's Wedding
5) Amelie

Hhhhmmmm.....that was tough one.
Joannie said…
High Fidelity
Pulp Fiction
Eddie and the Cruisers
The Blues Brothers
Walk the Line
ambika said…
Monsoon Wedding
O Brother Where Art Thou
Royal Tenenbaums

A lot of these are favorite movies, too.

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