the search for the silver shoes

So have I mentioned that I am in a wedding next year? My BIL is getting married, and his fiancee has asked me to be in it as well as shooting it. (It was my decision to try to do both, and I'm looking forward to the challenge.) So anyway, she has already picked out the dresses--they were being discontinued, so we got them for cheap, for which I am VERY grateful--and we get to pick our own shoes. They have to be silver, and here's the thing: I never wear silver shoes. So I'm trying to find something fabulous that I'll actually wear later. In addition, they have to be something easy to walk in so that I can I shoot at least the majority of the wedding in them. (That doesn't rule out heels at all, just anything that I can't get to stay on my feet.) So here are some ideas. 

So I love the retro vibe of these, and can totally see wearing them again later with tights. Buuuuut, they're more than $200. And maybe a little too chunky for the dress?

Simple, classic, ankle-strap means it will stay on. Good price, but maybe a little boring? 

Love the heel, love the funkier vibe, but would I rewear them? 

Totally re-wearable, but cankle-inducing? And again, too "street shoe" for a floor-length dress? $74 

I'm completely torn on these. In theory, they have a fabulous retro vibe, but in reality, I'm terrified that they would leave a trail of sparkles. $60. 

I love the slightly thirties vibe here, but mesh inserts? But then, very workable with the dress and totally rewearable later and super-comfy for the day. But mesh inserts? Hmmm

Yes, I know I have until July of next year for this, but you know I can't resist an excuse to drool over shoes. Anyway, this is quite the quandary. Suggestions?


Marisa said…
since you're going to be working the whole time, i'd suggest buying a cheap pair of silver heels for the ceremony (think payless) and then ditching them for a pair of gorgeous silver flats, like these. (Okay, so those are CRAZY expensive, but you get the idea.)

not to mention, you'd be MUCH more likely to re-wear a silver pair of flats.
msfleurette said…
i'm sort of in love with the dorothy shoes. the sparkles are mesmerizing. but i gotta say the mesh inserts are pretty fab, too. you've got some winners in those two pair-- the rest, let's face it, are pretty boring. ;)
porkchop said…
oooh. i like marisa's idea. especially because everyone will probably be wearing heels, it will funk up your outfit a bit.

and the ones she linked to are gooooorgeous.

i think you def need them.
Meg Baxter said…
LOVE those flats, marisa!

One note on the sparkly shoes: they'll likely snag the inside of your dress, fyi. And the sparkles that come off as a result will probably make the flower girl think you are a distant relative of Tinkerbell. But would that be so bad...?
Toiling Ant said…
Yeah, since when is leaving a trail of sparkles a bad thing?
VDOprincess said…
Oooooh, those flats are beautimous, Marisa. I'm not sure about the rewearing, though...I generally wear heels MUCH more than flats. Of course, silver flats are inherently cuter than silver heels.

Oh, there is this pair of amazing silver heels, but they're sort of out of the budget. ::sad face::
Marisa said…
I will be SO impressed if you can photograph a wedding in those $700 spangly silver heels. My feet ache just thinking about it! :)
Kat said…
I like the "funkier vibe" one. And of course you could rewear it.

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