head to toe love

So one of the sisters and I were having a discussion about SATC: The Movie and she mentioned that, while she loved the outfit inspiration, rarely would she wear a whole outfit. I disagreed, and here's proof. I would wear any of these if I even thought I had the figure for them. (And most of them despite the fact that I'm not a well-tone SJP.)

The shoes that go with this one are AMAZING. I love the strong prints. (She has the BEST coat collection.) 

So this one you never get a really good full-length image, but it has this amazing bustle-y thing in the back. And isn't the fabric amazing? 

There's only a full shot of this from the back. 

Here's the front. Sexy librarian, anyone? 

You know, every time I try the "showing my bra" thing, it looks retarded. But I love the way it dresses down what is essentially a cocktail dress. 

A jumpsuit! Love! 

The awesome belt. Again. 

Knee socks + heels = awesomeness. 

Yummy. Also: isn't the redo of her apartment amazing? I think I need to paint my office that color. 

And, of course, the wedding dress with blue shoes. Perfect. 


Lily Pad PR said…
I could totally see you in each of these outfits- they're all so YOU! And please pardon me while I laugh at your hideous jokes about your figure- it's beautiful, and you look awesome :)
*tiffany* said…
uh, yeah. ditto. I'd much rather have a body than look like an anorexic man like SJP, sorry. It's gross. Who cares what you can fit into when you aren't allowed to eat?
porkchop said…
ah. yes. her clothes ARE lovely in that movie. also because, they aren't quite as out there as the show.

the only thing about the movie is that her wardrobe looked significantly more expensive than that of the show. in the show, she seemed to mix and match more cheap/expensive.

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