::is tired::

Warning: pointless post ahead. 
So you know how most people get to relax on weekends? Yes, well, my schedule is sort of backwards. I typically shoot weddings on Saturday (yesterday we were there for 12 hours) and Sundays, if there are no engagement shoots or family pictures, are still full of youth group and usually an hour or two of photo editing. So basically I work 7 days a week or so at my business, and I started back at Sbucks this past week. I'm not whining, and I love my life, but right now I'm veryvery tired and wish there were room in my brain for a single creative thought. On the bright side, le husband has convinced me to take a day off this week! Thursday I shall not work. At all. Next thing you know I'll be ripping the tags off mattresses. 
In other news, I want to see this. It has my two most favorite actresses in it, and that's all I need to know. 


*tiffany* said…
Okay, this movie looks amazing. I love both of them, too.
porkchop said…
let us go shopping on thursday!

or are you lounging about leisurely, sipping mimosa's?
msfleurette said…
i hear you... 7 days a week of work gets old after a while. i am sipping tea and reading blog subs before i sit down to actually focus on getting a whole lot of work done. ugh. enjoy your thursday off!!!
loozegear said…
I know exactly how you feel the weekend is my busy time too sit down and have a glass of Moet

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