wednesday wonderfulness, volume 10

Ok, so I have a super-fabulous roundup for you today. At least I'm excited about it. We shall see what you think. 
  • 15 spring accessory trends. If you start looking now, you can pick the looks you like and find elements in your favorite local thrift store. If you wait until the spring Vogue comes out, well, you're out of luck. I want to try 2, 7, 9, and (surprisingly) 11. I am NOT interested in trying round sunglasses, as I am well aware that my face is just too round for those to work. 
  • pink eyeshadow. She ROCKS it! Now I want to try the exact same application technique in emerald green. 
  • I loved the outfit, now I love the DIY version. Why didn't I think of this??? 
  • Um, just learned about this site. Drooooool. Check out "shoe gazing." 
  • I've been hearing amazing things about Mad Men, but haven't seen it yet (!!!!). However, an examined life is sharing her impressions on the costumes in the first episode. Now I want to see it even MORE. 
  • CleverNettle put together a lookbook of things she has thrifted. Um, wow? Check out the shot with the green dress. AMAZING. 
  • So have you ever wondered what would happen when Karl Lagerfield gets behind the camera? As it turns out, it's not that impressive
  • these. are. perfect. Any volunteers, because I so want to try doing shoot inspired by this. 
And that should be enough to get your day going. It's going to be a beautiful day. 


*tiffany* said…
I volunteer, especially for the thigh high pics...but then again, I don't know how to stand on my head. Or have skinny enough thighs. But sign me up for the garden/sundress pics, or the trench on the side of the road barefoot pics :)
joy said…
Count me in!
Porkchop said…
Since I don't think you want me waving my chubby thighs in the breeze, I'll do the makeup!

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