what to wear for your first "real" art show

Well, sort of. See, there's this Starbucks Art Show thing, and I submitted this photo, and it got in. And I'm quite terrified that it's because everything else was just terrible, but there you have it. So anyway, I just acquired a hot pink dress from JCrew, and I think it will be the perfect thing, and it made me think of this outfit from SATC: The Movie. 

Obviously I'm not going to be literal--my legs do not look like that!--but I liked the vibe, so here's what I've sort of come up with.

what to wear for your first art show by vintagechica

That is the exact dress from JCrew, and I want to look artsy but fabulous. Also, I cannot wear booties (although they would be fabulous) because I would then have cankles. So, no. Anyway, do you think I should add white gloves, or would that be over the top? (Also, if you're in the DC area that night, I would love it if you dropped by!) 


*tiffany* said…
I think gloves would be over the top. But congratulations!!! My first art show was kind of hysterical...I was super uncomfortable and shy about my stuff,and I was one of the only straight people there, except Bek came with me, so they probably assumed I wasn't, and people kept going on about the wine and cheese buffet and hideous art they thought was deep.
msfleurette said…
hey laura, that's super-exciting! ;) congrats! i'd skip the gloves, but the rest of your ensemble is fabulous. take lots of pictures!
Rosanna said…
Yeah, that's what I was going to say... leave out the gloves and you're golden. What fun!

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