the great purse pattern hunt

So I've decided that for my two sisters-in-law, instead of knitting scarves for Christmas, I'm going to sew purses. One seems more of a clutch type, while the other will like a tote, I think. The above is the style of clutch I think I'll make, and the pattern is found here. However, in the process I found a bunch of other super-lovely patterns, and decided to share. There's the rather cheeky wristlet, a simple velvet clutch, and a vintage crocheted clutch. Love that, rather. 

So I think is what I will make for the other sister-in-law, pattern found here. It's not exactly a tote, but I can so see her loving it. However, I found about a bazillion tote bag patterns, so here you go. There's a very sleek looking almost-messenger bag (make it in corduroy for a guy), a very basic tote that has those straps that go round, a one-yard, one hour tote (last-minute Christmas gifts, anyone?), a gorgeous beach bag, a reversible tote, and...a purse from a book. (Loves it!) That should keep us all sewing for a while. 


Deanna said…
I totally want to be your sister-in-law. Gorgeous!

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