shout-out to readers

So posting this week will probably not be as prolific as I'd like; I'm still adjusting to being back at Sbucks. Loving it, but that means a lot less time on the computer, and since I can't skimp on my photo editing time, I have to cut on the blogging. Tres sad. 
Anyway, if you've ever commented and left your blog address, I'm probably reading your blog, and loving it. But I know there are a lot more readers out there, so leave a comment on this post, and give me your address, and I'll so start reading. Please do, because I love adding to my current feeds! 


Joannie said…
I love your blog! I've just started blogging and am not really atuned to it...but I've gotten so many great ideas here and at other blogs about books and design...I thought...why not?? :-)
Rosanna said…
Hey Laura! I *just* found your blog... I love it! Mine is

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