wallpaper monday

So as part of my ongoing challenge to push myself on the photographic front, I'm going to try to post a wallpaper-worthy photo every Monday. For me, this is tough because I hate taking pictures of anything that is not a person. I just feel so cliched. (Look at me! With my macro lens! Taking pictures of flowers! I so went through that phase when I was fifteen.) But I need to get out of my comfort zone, so this might help. Anyway, this pinecone was captured last Thursday, when I was doing a photo shoot of le sister and son. I love the rays of sun and the sparkly bokeh (that's the round, sequinny-looking bluriness in the background).



joy said…
I have had the boring manufacturer's background since i bought my laptop a year ago. I now stare at a sparkly bokeh. Important, since I never knew what a bokeh was before.


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