why boys get married

So someone will take their wardrobe in hand.

This is from the first time we "hung out." Please note that I am drenched through, which explains the terrifying hair. It does not, however, explain the zip-front polarfleece or the white sneakers. Or the haircut.

Shortly after our engagement. This is the point at which we started to refer to him as "poolboy"

Two weekends ago. We pretty much have to color his hair in some way; it's baby fine, so coloring it gives it texture. Currently he's rocking the concept of not actually fixing his hair. I can dig that. Please also note that his eyebrows are no longer taking over the world.


Rebekah said…
awww....you guys are too precious. I need to see you soon. seriously. :-)
ambika said…
What a sweet, awesome sequence of photos.

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